A satellite phone is a phone that uses satellites for communication (receiving and sending signals) instead of terrestrial lines. Ideally, these phones enable communication anywhere around the world irrespective of location whereas normal cell phones require proper terrestrial network coverage to enable communication.

Satphones can be handheld, fixed or portable and use satellites that can be stationary or obriting. The user requires line of sight to a satellite in the coverage are of the service provider. Services typically include two-way voice, low-speed data, SMS and fax.

Features of satellite phones

The features of satellite communication over terrestrial communication are:

  • Satellite phones provide a solution for communication when all other forms of communication are disrupted or limited in cases like earthquakes, floods etc.
  • The coverage area of a satellite greatly exceeds that of a terrestrial system.
  • Transmission cost of a satellite is independent of the distance from the center of the coverage area.
  • Satellite to Satellite communication is very precise.
  • Higher Bandwidths are available for use.
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