Radio Dispatch Overview
Organizations with mobile field personnel typically have a central dispatch center. The dispatcher uses information with which to dispatch field workers and collect data on their work. There are many sub-systems and information sources required by the dispatcher that depend upon the specific application.

Zetron equips communications centers with some of the most flexible and capable communications control systems available … anywhere. At their fingertips, operators have the means to manage an entire network of critical radio and telephone communications.

Zetron can supply a total communications system by interfacing with embedded radio and telephone infrastructure, or we can supply individual products that provide stand-alone solutions or interface with other vendor’s equipment. Zetron command and control systems are tailored to provide the best solution for each type of operation.

Dispatch Console Overview
Centralized Control for Improved Efficiencies
To give operators an easy way to control multiple radio channels, telephones, paging encoders, intercoms, video, and informational assets, Zetron’s Radio Dispatch Consoles integrate a complex network of resources into a single system.

Tailored for Any Application
Zetron offers communication solutions to a wide-range of private and professional organizations that need a dedicated radio-telephone system to manage resources, coordinate operations, distribute information, and control communications between workgroups.

Unlimited Capacity
A central communications control center can be as simple as one operator managing day-to-day operations with field personnel through a single radio dispatch console. A large command and control center can have over a hundred operators tasked with critical communications and force management of thousands of mobile personnel and workgroups.


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